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The Power of Acknowledgement

Colleen Francis, writing for Top Sales World:

All too often salespeople get so wrapped up in being right that they completely forget to acknowledge their clients’ feelings and opinions.

Instead, acknowledge that you hear and understand them. Consider the following acknowledgements:

-          “Thanks for sharing that with me.”

-          “I appreciate you bringing that up.”

-          “That’s a fair point.”

-          “Let’s discuss this concern further…”

Simple adjustments in the way you talk to your prospects can make the biggest difference.…


Sharpen Your Email Content for Sales Success

Take a look at your sales toolbox. It probably contains phone calls, emails, hopefully a direct mail piece and social media, among others. As much as we like to think our tool box has the best tools, even the best need to be sharpened every once in a while. Here are 3 tips to help sharpen your email content for more successful prospecting. …


Using Technology to Improve Your Sales Presentations

Robyn Schelenz, writing for National Association of Sales Professionals:

If you’re bored by your PowerPoint presentations, your prospects are probably bored, too. Check out these ideas and technologies for improving your presentations and making them more compelling.

1. Haiku Deck
2. Prezi
3. Slideshark

When everyone is using the same tool in the toolkit, making an impressions requires executing well and standing out from the crowd.