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Are You Using The Right Sales Metrics To Track Your Leads?

Sales analytics plays an important role in determining how to spend your time, sell effectively and understand what’s working in your sales process. But are you tracking the right leading indicators of successful selling? Learn if the sales metrics you’re using are providing an accurate depiction of your sales efforts. Read more >>

Lead Nurturing Campaigns: What Qualifies As A Conversion In Today’s Sales World?

Prospects come to your sales assets in a far different manner than they used to. There’s no such thing as a “traditional sales process” in 2014. What might have been a conversion yesterday is not much of an indicator today. Learn how to tell if a prospect’s action is a legitimate conversion in today’s sales world. Read more >>

Use A Sales Content Platform To Protect Your Data — And Close The Deal

Instead of blasting out emails, using a centralized, password-protected sales content platform allows sales teams to distribute important content securely to decision-makers. These tools help reduce the likelihood of both malicious and inadvertent leaks, and offer the seller useful visibility into how the information is being accessed. Read more >>

Which Sales Engagement Metrics Should You Track?

At many organizations, marketing departments use data to analyze user behavior and improve marketing efforts. But the vast majority of salespeople lack equivalent tools for tracking sales engagement metrics. Good sales analytics help you judge the interest level and qualifications of prospects, and choose the most effective content to send to them. Read more >>