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Why Email Still Matters for Prospecting – And How Inside Sales Can Make the Most of It

Tellwise Email Matters

Chances are, your email inbox is full. And if you’ve dutifully cleaned it out, chances are it will be full again soon. That—in part—is due to email marketing, a means of selling so widespread that people are turning to apps to try and manage the daily deluge.
However, the other reason for your full inbox is simply that email is one of the only channels available that reaches people on a one-to-one level.… Read more >>

How Great Customer Experiences Can Help You Boost Sales

Tellwise Customer Experience

We’re selling in an age of experiential marketing, to customers with plenty of choices and high expectations about how they will be sold to. If we were talking real estate, we’d say it is (and will stay) a buyer’s market. That means we have to up our game, to optimize our sales processes in a way that meets the needs and expectations not of our sales reps or our sales management, but of the people who matter most: the customers.… Read more >>

Inside Sales Corner: How to Speed Up – and Warm Up – the Sales Process with Technology

Tellwise Technology Sales Process

Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) face multiple challenges, and chief among them is a sales cycle that is just too slow. In fact, a slow sales process was rated one of the biggest barriers in CSO Insights’ recent survey.
Part of this slowness comes from a sales representative’s lack of control of the buyer’s decision making process.… Read more >>

Content Marketing Can Jumpstart the Sales Process with Awareness, Leads and Engagement

Tellwise Content Marketing

Content marketing is critical for a successful sales team because it introduces brands, opens doors and paves the way to conversations that can lead to sales. Farther along in the sales process, content marketing can help to educate prospects and even position sales people as trusted subject matter experts.
And, sales teams are starting to ask their marketing departments for content they can share with potential buyers..… Read more >>