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No More Assumptions

Tellwise Making Assumptions
Original post from Joanne Black:
How to Tell the Difference Between a Hot Lead and a Dud:
Assumptions are dangerous in sales. When you assume a deal is in the bag just because you had a great first meeting with a prospect, you get lazy about follow-up. If you assume that you uncovered all of the prospect’s needs, you also assume:

  • The prospect understands the full impact your solution could have on his business.

Inside Sales Corner: Why My Conversion Rates are Probably Better Than Yours

Billy, one of our expert sales guys, has plenty of useful tips and tricks he uses to stay productive, engaging with prospects all day long. After working in sales for most of his career, he has seen what works and what doesn’t work. Ever since he’s been at Tellwise, he’s developed a new process to organize his day giving him maximum productivity He’s able to see high engagement rates of 39% after a prospect views Tellwise content by using the Tellwise Smart Messaging tool.…


Teaching as a Part of Selling: Be Your Buyer’s Co-Pilot

Over the last year, we’ve witnessed a tremendous increase in the interest of “insight selling”. With this increase, sellers have begun to think of themselves as teachers. This approach makes sense when looking at what a sales person really does. The seller’s job isn’t to bombard the masses with general marketing messages, but rather to explain that their product or service will deliver the best possible value to their customers.…


3 Reasons Why Sales Should Care About Customer Loyalty

Quiz time: What type of sale would you prefer your team to close?

  1. Any sale (we need to meet our acquisition goals no matter what).
  2. A high-profile sale that brings in a huge chunk of revenue upfront.
  3. A small or large sale that continues to build in value.

If you answered with anything other than C, then it’s time to dig deeper.…