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Does Your Sales Strategy Have A ‘Secret Sauce’

Sometime a “secret sauce” isn’t such a secret. A winning sales strategy starts with a unique value proposition (UVP) that differentiates you in a crowded marketplace. Then, as you move through the sales process, use tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of your communication efforts and refine your messages to ensure they’re always providing value. Read more >>

Sales Tips For Selling To Technical Buyers

Technical buyers are a different breed than most. They speak their own language, and their pains and problems require a highly particular level of expertise. If you’re not fluent in these prospects’ language, get out of the way to make room for someone from your organization who can communicate with the buyer at their altitude. Read more to learn additional technical sales tips. Read more >>

When Should You Part Ways With A Customer?

In business, all parties involved should stand to benefit. If you realize that you’re spending too much time on a client to be profitable, or if they’re giving you such a hard time that it generates more headaches than revenue, it’s time to end that relationship. Use these tips to learn how to identify problem customers and part ways gracefully. Read more >>

Are You Spending Only 10 Percent Of Your Available Time Selling?

Odds are you spend a large portion of your day not engaging with leads and prospects. A study by Augusoft reports that the average salesperson spends just 10 percent of their time actively selling. Learn how to maximize the time you spend communicating with customers and stop wasting so much time on administrative and personal tasks. Read more >>