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How Can You Sell More, Faster? Use Personalized Sales Content!

To stay afloat — or, dare we say it, improve, succeed and thrive! — salespeople must use the only legal way to sell more stuff, faster: take advantage of technology. Thanks to new software tools, salespeople can use segmentation, build quality nurture campaigns and create personalized sales content — the seller’s trifecta. Read more >>

Self-Service Buyers Driving You Nuts? 5 Tips For Getting A Step Ahead

By the time they actually talk to a sales representative, buyers are already 40 percent to 60 percent through the sales cycle. This means sales teams must tailor content (or sales assets) for each and every stage of the buying cycle. We offer several helpful tips about how to find potential buyers while they’re self-educating and then guide them. Read more >>

Is Buying A Car The New Gold Standard For Understanding The Modern Buyer’s Journey? An Interview with Jim Keenan

Jim Keenan, Senior Partner of A Sales Guy Consulting, and Conrad Bayer, CEO of Tellwise, recently discussed how sales representatives need to tailor their sales process to their buyer’s specific needs. Join them as they continue the discussion during their webinar, “Turning The Buyer’s Journey Into An Expressway: 3 Ways to Improve Your Close Rates,” at 10 a.m. PST on Thursday, March 6. Read more >>

6 Ways To Tackle Cold Calling With Confidence

tackle-cold-calling -Tellwise
Cold calling — it’s something that so many small-to-midsize companies struggle with. Just saying the words is enough to make some people cringe. And yet, it’s a task that must be completed, and it can be done without too much pain. shared a great article about the prep work that’s required to make cold calling more successful. Read more >>

Pleasing Them All: How Should Sales Cater To Purchasing Teams?

Research has shown that, on average, about five decision-makers are involved in a buying decision today. The Forrester blog shared an article about “network buying” and how the many people involved in the buying process must each find value in your services, even if they have different aspects they find valuable. Read more >>