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Sellers, Fight Back! Use The Same Research Tools As Buyers

Thanks to the Internet, buyers are better informed, and are engaging with sellers much later in the sales funnel than ever before. Marketers, meanwhile, are also using technology to reach much deeper into the sales funnel. But there’s good news! The Bridge Group, Inc. explains in an article how sellers can use the Internet to their advantage. Read more >>

How Sales And Marketing Can Work Together To Produce Great Content

sales-assets-marketing-content -Tellwise
If they are to succeed at producing remarkable sales assets and content, sales professionals and marketers must work together. Social Agenda Media recently shared tips for aligning sales and marketing to better engage with audiences and improve closing rates. Improving sales and marketing alignment is vital here. Read more >>

Why Sales Reps Must Embrace Technology Or Fail

Just as marketing people have done in recent years, sales reps need to embrace new technologies that will help them to learn more about their customers. Earlier this spring, Sales Benchmark Index shared a remarkable blog post about how the sales environment has changed and why sales professionals must adjust or lose their jobs. Read more >>

5 Elements To Study When Sales Start To Slide

If revenue at your sales organization has started to slide, the best way to determine the problem is to divide the sales team into four sections: strategy, structure, people and process. A Sales Guy recently posted a good conceptual blog post highlighting these four key elements. We’ve added a fifth element — technology — that merits consideration. Read more >>