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Sales Reps: Want To Stay Relevant? Embrace Technology!

According to a blog post on the Sales Benchmark Index website, sales reps will fail if they aren’t ready for tomorrow. The post highlighted five traits of evolving sales reps: reinvention, best practices, technology, rapid adoption and mobility. At Tellwise, we’re confident that the key to this readiness is a mastery of technology. Read more >>

Are You Creating An Exciting Digital Experience?

As a salesperson, you need to create the perfect moment where “logic and emotion meet.” This can be accomplished either in person or online, which is super important given that 90 percent of all sales interactions are screen-based. The Center for Sales Strategy recently shared a great article describing this perfect moment. Read more >>

The One Glaring Mistake That Salespeople Make

Driven by our own excitement and need to sell, we often assume that because our product is important to us, it’s also important to the customer. But this couldn’t be more wrong. Partners in Excellence recently shared a great article that highlighted this glaring mistake and offered tips on how to fix it, and other basic problems. Read more >>

Does Your Sales Team Have The Right Technology?

Sales teams that meet their quotas are backed by heavy investment in people and performance conditions such as lead generation, comp plans and technology. Sales Benchmark Index recently shared an article about these factors. We believe one of the most critical elements to success for sellers today is having the right technology to manage the process. Read more >>

Why Salespeople Must Use Technology To Achieve ‘Insight Selling’

sales-technology-insight-selling -Tellwise
An article in the November issue of the Harvard Business Review talks about the macro shift in selling. The article argues that sales reps need to be “creative and adaptable” and empowered to use customer-specific situational judgment rather than being forced to remain glued to protocols. We believe that technology also has to shift. Read more >>