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How To Sell The Right Way With A ‘Pull’ Strategy

Most salespeople use a “push” sales strategy, spending most of their time and effort convincing customers about features and benefits of their products and services. But we believe this is a huge mistake. The Sales Hunter recently shared an article outlining why using a “pull” method results in more sales and higher profits. Read more >>

Want To Make The Sale? Just Give Good Advice

sales-good-advice -Tellwise
Inc. recently shared an article about why giving good advice — and not explaining the benefits of your products — is a great way to make a sale. We agree! In the article, sales expert Tom Searcy tells how a salesperson offered a prospect research and recommendations, but never talked about his products or services. Guess what? He still made the sale. Read more >>

Is Marketing Technology Leaving Sellers In The Dust?

It’s easy to understand why salespeople are reluctant to embrace the newest technological goodies from the marketing department. So often the new, supposedly more-efficient tool doesn’t work and sucks time for the entire sales team. Sales Benchmark Index recently shared an interesting blog about this dilemma, and we add our thoughts. Read more >>

Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Be So Fast To Say ‘No’

It’s happened to us all: A customer wants something from you, but you just can’t deliver it to them — at least not at the moment, anyway. As Jeff Haden recently shared in a great real-life example on Inc., it’s important for salespeople to offer alternative options. Many of your customers will be open minded enough to give something else a try. Read more >>

Top 4 Ways To Kill A Sales Career

Inc. recently shared a great article outlining common basic selling errors. So often, the article notes, salespeople fake intimacy, answer objections that customers haven’t brought up and leave the next step up to the customer. They’re also prone to writing sales proposals and asking for referrals much too soon. We share four sales career killers. Read more >>