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The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Original post from Anthony Iannarino

Companies Aren’t Loyal. People Are.

In the business-to-consumer world, a client list is made up of the people that business serves. It’s a list of actual people who have made a decision to buy from a business.

The business-to-business world is different. Our client lists are mostly made up of the names of companies we serve.…

Building Better Client Relationships

Original post from Colleen Francis

Build Relationships – Not Resistance
As salespeople, we generally have between 4 and 30 seconds to make a first impression on our prospects that will compel them to want to engage with us.

Unfortunately, by the end of these all-important first few seconds, the vast majority of salespeople leave their prospects feeling more like “oh darn, it’s a sales person, how do I get them off the phone,” and less like “oh, this is interesting, I think I should stay and listen!”


Demonstrating Gratitude for a Great Year’s End

Original post from Anthony Iannarino

Big Gratitude
It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Choosing one of these emotions makes it impossible to feel the other. “Grateful” and “unhappy” literally can’t occupy the same space at the same time.

You have to choose between being grateful or being depressed, too.

Relationship-Building and Trust in Sales

Original post from Joanne Black

What Is Sales Without Relationships?
When did it become the norm to answer the phone during dinner or to check email while having a conversation? We’re so wired for 24/7 connectivity that we have developed FOMO—fear of missing out.

The unfortunate result: While we stay up-to-date on what’s happening online, we’re not paying attention to the people right in front of us.