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Tips for Improving Lead Gen to End the Year Strong—and Start 2016 Even Stronger

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What is it about October that gets us thinking about the end of the year already? The kids have only recently returned to school. Summer just officially ended the month before. And the leaves—or most of them, at least—are still on the trees. So what’s with the end-of-the-year mindset?

Oh, right: It’s the pressure to meet annual goals!…


Staying Top of Mind with a Sales Communication Strategy that Rocks


Communicating clearly and efficiently with prospects, and even existing customers, is the key to a good sales process. Doing so consistently is perhaps even more important, yet, you know what they say about the best laid plans… Yep!

Make sure your sales process includes a plan for communicating with prospects and customers on a regular basis by developing a sales communication strategy; one that is simple to implement, easy to adhere to, and built for continuous improvement.…


The Sales Funnel Approach to Managing Tradeshows and Delivering ROI


The fall tradeshow season is upon us! But before you start packing up that booth and that suitcase, let’s talk about some tradeshow sales strategies that are going to make your time and investment pay off.

Although tradeshows present a great opportunity to generate leads, many sales teams are focused on the event itself, and fail to pay enough attention on preparing for the show and following up afterwards.…


You Can’t Go to Dreamforce This Year…So What?

Dreamforce 2015 is coming up. There are many reasons to attend…the keynote celebrity speakers, the seminars by forward-thinking thought leaders, the networking and deal-making, the entertainment, the parties! There are also many reasons not to… <<insert your excuse here>>.

If you aren’t attending Dreamforce in person this year–or even if you are and get distracted by another session or end up having to deal with business back at the office–you can still benefit from the speakers, seminars and networking.… Read more >>