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Pricing Pitch: When’s the Right Time?

Original post from Colleen Francis:
Are You Scaring Your Buyers Away?:
What’s the easiest way to lose control of the sales process?
I’m sure you’ve noticed, many salespeople hold off on presenting their price to a prospective client until the final written proposal. If you avoid discussing pricing options until the very last moment, you make it too easy for the prospect to ignore you.

Do Your Prospects Even Care?

Tellwise prospects don't care
Original post from Mark Hunter:
Your Prospects Really Don’t Care About You:
Your prospects are not overly interested in you. Failing to recognize this is #8 in my Top 10 reasons most prospecting plans fail.
Unless you’re somebody famous or unless you have a product everyone has to have, I hate to break the news to you, but your prospect couldn’t care less.

Part 2: Increase Sales Size With These 10 Upselling Tips


In our last post, we tackled the topic of upselling—both why you should do it, and five tips for doing it better. Now, we’ll tackle the remaining five posts, all with the goal of giving you the information you need to make the upsell part of your everyday sales process.
Tip 6: Justify your recommendations
So, you have done your research and determined your customer can benefit from adding additional items to their purchase.… Read more >>

Part 1: Increase Sales Size with 10 Upselling Tricks


Upselling—the technique of increasing the size of a sale by convincing the buyer to choose a more expensive option or additional items. On the surface, it seems like upselling is something every sales person would want to pursue. After all, you already have the customer, right? It’s simply a matter of taking them one step farther down the sales path.… Read more >>