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Weekly Sales Meetings: Remember the 4 Cs

Original post from Leanne HoaglandSmith:
The 3 Cs of Weekly Sales Meetings:
Communicate—When the sales team members communicate their results of the previous week, this builds momentum.
Collaborate—Through the communication, the less experienced members can learn from the more seasoned professionals who share how they overcame specific sales obstacles.

Sales Acceleration: It’s All About Velocity

Original post Barb Giamanco:
Sales Acceleration Is An Inside Job:
In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it is all about velocity.
It might come as a big surprise to many sellers to find out that they are slowing down the purchasing decision a buyer needs to make. I imagine right now some of you are saying, heck no, I don’t slow the process down, buyers move slowly.

When It Comes to Sales Technology, There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Silver Bullet’ Tool

Tellwise Silver Bullet Tool

At a recent American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) event, Paul Leto, Director, Inside Sales for the Americas at F5 Networks, took attendees through F5’s sales process in order to shed light on how companies should choose a sales technology for their business.
The company’s sales department recently went through a reorganization in part to improve sales productivity and to increase the direct revenue contribution from Leto’s inside sales team.… Read more >>

Nurturing Sales Team Effectiveness

Tellwise team effectiveness
Original post from Deb Calvert:
5 Warning Signs Your Team’s Effectiveness is Diminishing:
Maintaining team effectiveness isn’t as simple or automatic as the initial commitments suggested it would be.
True team effectiveness is measured by your own increased capacity to accomplish your individual goals AND the increased capacity of all team members so shared goals are also attained.