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Leading the Social Selling Initiative

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Original post from Koka Sexton:
Social Selling Education 101:
The evidence for social selling is very strong, but also very easy to misinterpret.
Do not, for a second, assume that social selling initiatives WILL simply usher in new sales into your business. Social selling tools and techniques are really only as good as the salesperson making use of them.

Don’t Write Off Social Selling So Fast… 4 Tips to Sell Better on LinkedIn

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B2B buyers are completing 70% of their sale before contacting the sales representative. This highlights how much buyers are influenced through social media sites, like LinkedIn, which is specifically designed for business people. Social sellers are sales leaders. They are innovative by using the right tools to socially surround their buyers.… Read more >>

How Targeted Is Your Selling Strategy?

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Any salesperson worth their salt knows the importance of talking to prospects in a relevant way. Yet not every salesperson has totally grasped the concept of buyer personas to help make those relevant conversations a reality. Buyer personas can help move this process along and improve sales on the way.
A buyer persona is like a made-up customer profile, except it’s not really made up because it’s based on actual experiences with actual customers.… Read more >>

Make Big Choices

Anthony Iannarino’s Blog

You don’t outwork your competitors by working more hours. The number of hours you are “on the clock” is not a measurement of work, unless you do manual labor. You can get to work early and turn the lights on, and stay late and be the last to leave the parking lot and still be outworked and out hustled.…

The only way to not be outworked is to produce outcomes that are aligned with your highest priorities and your highest goals.