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The History of Social Selling Old Vs. New

Koka Sexton covers the history of social selling with this great infographic.

What started as a place for friends to stay connected soon became a valuable asset to salespeople and marketers everywhere as social media evolved.

Social selling hasn’t always just been tweets, connections and ‘Likes.’ Check it out. (via Bubba Page)


4 Ways Salespeople Screw Up Social Networking

Joanne Black:

Social engagement. Is it just another term to check off the buzzword bingo card at your next sales meeting? Not really. By sharing information, ideas, solutions, and even referrals with our clients and prospects, we become trusted resources.

    • Don’t cold call on social media. If you’re sending sales offerings to strangers on social media, you’re pretty much cold calling
    • Don’t use the automated request for introductions.