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Missed Sales: Just One Milestone In The Customer Relationship

Don’t treat missed sales as lost opportunities. Instead, treat the occasion as just one milestone in the course of your customer relationship. Use social media and excellent customer relations to stay relevant and on the mind of your prospects. Even if they don’t covert, they might lead you to someone who does. Read more >>

3 Tips To Step Up Your Social Selling Efforts

In the new age of buyer-led education and the mass use of social media, effective selling starts with having a strong presence on networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. You must be able to nurture your prospects in the ways they want to interact with you and your content. Learn three tips to help boost your social presence and keep it fresh. Read more >>

What’s The Secret To Successful Social Selling?

If you want to be a great salesperson, you must learn the art of social selling. The buyer journey has changed dramatically. Your success depends on your ability to adapt. The first step to nurturing leads and creating good sales opportunities is to connect with your prospects. Learn the keys to better engaging with prospects via social media. Read more >>

Social Selling Advice: What To Know Before Starting Your Own LinkedIn Group

As sales reps and teams look to get more visibility in the social selling market, they need to explore every channel, including LinkedIn Groups. But just because clicking the “create” button is simple doesn’t mean the rest of the process is easy. Learn what you must be prepared for if you’re going to start your own LinkedIn Group. Read more >>