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4 Social Selling Ideas For Building Credibility On LinkedIn

LinkedIn boasts more than 277 million users in 200-plus countries and territories around the world. That’s why it’s important for sales reps to stand out from the crowd and build credibility with their prospects on LinkedIn. Learn four ways to improve your social selling efforts so that more customers mention your products or services. Read more >>

5 Ways Social Selling Makes Relationship Building Repeatable

Word-of-mouth referrals have always been and continue to be one of the best ways to find new customers. And building relationships is the key to … well, basically everything in sales, including referrals and social selling efforts. By making relationship building repeatable, you save time and extend your reach. Learn five great tips. Read more >>

Reverse Mentoring: Is It The Key To Social Selling Success For Your Sales Team?

Millennials aren’t like their older counterparts. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t play an integral part in sales. Sales organizations could learn a lot from these 20-somethings, especially when it comes to social selling. While millennials are just getting started in their sales careers, they’re already digital natives. Read more >>

5 Social Selling Tips For Building Your Brand On Twitter

In the age of self-educating buyers, it’s critical that sales reps create and build authority online. They need a brand and they need to be easily found on a Google search. One of the fastest ways to embrace social selling is to maintain an active presence on Twitter. Here are several tips for building your brand on the network. Read more >>