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Social Selling Advice: The Best Way To Get Referral Introductions On LinkedIn

When it comes to social selling, the key to success is to embrace as many warm introductions as possible. For B2B salespeople, LinkedIn is usually the best choice to get quality referral introductions. Asking your contacts for a referral is easy, but there are some important dos and don’ts when it comes to the best way to go about it. Read more >>

4 Tips For Lead Nurturing And Prospecting On Twitter

Using Twitter for prospecting and lead nurturing in the B2B space might not sound like an obvious choice. Sure, B2C salespeople do it all the time, but can the microblogging site really be as useful as LinkedIn for B2B? The answer is yes — as long as you do it right. We outline four tips to help you get the most out of Twitter. Read more >>

Spend Your Time (And Money) Wisely! Use Social Selling To Build Relationships With Prospects

The power of the Internet and social media has provided a window of opportunity to build relationships with lots of people all at once for minimal cost. Social selling gives salespeople a chance to identify new prospects and to start building relationships without the cost or time commitment of a few steak dinners. Read more >>

4 Tips For Using Social Tools To Boost Sales Enablement

Meeting your buyers’ needs is a matter of coupling a strong content-based sales enablement strategy with powerful technology. A systematic approach to prepare for customer interactions, engage with prospects and close sales requires investing in software that helps move the buyer through the cycle. We highlight four tips. Read more >>