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10 Data-Driven Customer Retention Strategies


The hard work doesn’t stop when a customer has made a purchase. In fact, the real challenge may be just beginning: getting your customers to stick around.

Customer retention is a long-term, continuous investment that companies must make in order to keep customers as long as possible. However, reducing customer churn is not easy.


5 Ways Salespeople Can Improve Their Analytical Skills


Analytical skills aren’t just reserved for mathematicians, data scientists, or business analysts. In fact, they can provide a competitive edge in almost every industry, especially sales.

As a sales rep, it’s easy to feel like your emails and voicemails are getting lost in a black hole. You have no idea if people are clicking on your links or opening your email, or if the content even resonates with them.…


Why Salespeople Should Think Like Email Marketers


The average person sends 34 emails each day. But when you’re in sales, that number can easily triple or quadruple.

And when you’re sending more than 100 emails every day, it can be tempting to use the same template over and over again. Emailing becomes more of an automatic task than something you want to work on and improve.…


Tip of the Week: Three Sales Email Best Practices for Better Results

Tip of the Week

Writing emails that produce results is the goal of every sales person. The reality though is it is difficult to create a truly great email especially since most of us don’t get any formal training on it. Well we are here to help. It turns out that in addition to a great subject line, there are only 3 parts to creating a great email that is short, concise and effective.…