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#CoffeeForClosers: Caffeinate Your Sales Team

At Tellwise, we are all about getting our customers what they need to be most effective. Besides sharing the tools you need to connect with more prospects, build more relationships and close more deals, faster; we also think every sales team out there needs (or would at least enjoy!) some coffee. So, a couple of weeks ago, we held our first of many #CoffeeForClosers events at F5 Networks in Seattle.

We bring the coffee, you blast @Tellwise over Twitter using the tag #coffeeforclosers and you’ll automatically be entered to win a cool prize. Sounds like a great deal, right?

(P.S. Tweet at @Tellwise with tag #coffeeforclosers if you want us to bring our coffee cart to you)

Our first raffle winner from F5 Networks is Inside Sales Account Manager, Sean Banahan.

Here’s what he had to say:

How long have you been in sales?
I have been in technology sales for over 15 years but my sales background goes back even further in retail and telemarketing.

How did you get started?
I got my start in technology sales by chance really. I always liked working with people and in sales as a profession. I wanted to find an industry that was dynamic and impactful. A friend suggested I take a look at a big tech company in the Bay Area that was hiring. I took a chance and hopped onboard with Oracle.

What role does Tellwise play in your daily work routine?
Over the past 15 years, the way I engage and interact with my customers has changed dramatically. I am no longer the custodian of product and pricing information. The customer typically has access to all the information they need long before they ever speak with me. I have become much more of an internal advocate and guiding force for my customers. I help spark their interest here and there with relevant information, and discuss strategic directions for both F5 and them.

Tellwise is key to that relationship.

It enables me to share very relevant information and make myself immediately available for further discussion if my customer needs it. I use Tellwise to communicate with my partners and existing customers on everything from support renewals to new product releases. They get a nicely formatted email and can communicate immediately with me via the “chat with me now” function. It’s much more personal and effective than playing phone tag with voicemails. When prospecting to potential customers, I get the analytical data to show me which messages are being opened so I can continually refine my email marketing efforts to reflect what my customer’s want, rather than what I want to sell them. Again, it’s just that much more personal and gives me an edge over the other 30 sales reps vying for their attention at any given time.

What is your favorite Tellwise function and why?
For me it’s all about integration. I love the fact that the tool integrates with Salesforce. It helps me keep a rolling drip- marketing/messaging campaign for my targeted prospects by logging past activity in Salesforce so I can start to track and follow up on that stuff. I am looking forward to Tellwise’s next enhance which will give me the ability to share slides and presentations on-the-fly with prospects that are willing to engage with me right away while I have their attention.

What is your one sales tip or trick you can’t live without?
For me, it’s just about being relevant. There is so much noise coming from vendors, analysts, partners and more that crosses my customers’ desks each day. The only way to get their attention is to talk about what is important to them. What’s on their minds. That means paying attention to everything from social media, job sites, market drivers and competitors, marketing analytics (such as opened Tellwise emails) and more to really focus your message. Do your research and come up with a relevant message. I figure I have less than 5-10 seconds to get an initial prospect’s attention. I need those seconds to count. Once they’re a customer and I have a relationship I don’t want to squander it either. Providing value means continuing to keep my messaging relevant.

So, did you pick the Keurig or Bluetooth and why?
I picked the Keurig. I am in sales and spend my life on the phone. I have 4-5 blue tooth headsets lying around now. Plus, I am all about my morning coffee.

Hey Sean, we love the image you posted. Who recognizes the online platform on his screen? It’s the Tellwise app!


Want us to caffeinate your sales team? Let us know by Tweeting @Tellwise with the hashtag #coffeeforclosers. Get your whole team to Tweet at us. At the end of the month, we’ll see which company has submitted the most Tweets to help us decide where we should bring our coffee cart next.

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