The Common Denominator in Creating a Great Buyer Experience…

Original post from Deb Calvert:

3 Ways to Give Your Buyers an Awesome Connecting Experience:
In last week’s post, we laid out the “most significant shift in economic history” and how it impacts sellers. It all comes down to our buyers’ demands that we allow them to “be participants in creating what they want.”
Which brings us here, to the natural follow up question: HOW can we give them those experiences where they participate in creating what they want? How do we give them what Michael Dart described in the Wall Street Journal as “such an awesome connecting experience that they will go out of their way to come to you”?
It’s all about the experience these days.
More and more restaurants and retailers aim to create experiences that connect us to their brands and their products. The common denominator is how they get buyers participating in creating what they want.

This isn’t only applicable to restaurants and retailers. B2B businesses follow this same line of thinking when it comes to connecting with their buyers and prospects.

It’s less about the sales pitch and more about the conversation.

What are some of the tips you’ve used to connect with your prospects? Let us know!

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