Inside Sales Corner: Why My Conversion Rates are Probably Better Than Yours

Billy, one of our expert sales guys, has plenty of useful tips and tricks he uses to stay productive, engaging with prospects all day long. After working in sales for most of his career, he has seen what works and what doesn’t work. Ever since he’s been at Tellwise, he’s developed a new process to organize his day giving him maximum productivity He’s able to see high engagement rates of 39% after a prospect views Tellwise content by using the Tellwise Smart Messaging tool. This is double the engagement rate versus just cold calling. He has also shown a 25% close rate for scheduling demos or signing up prospects for a free trial after engaging with them via the same Smart Messaging tool. To make this clearer, that is triple the close rate versus cold calling alone. With his use of the Tellwise tool, he has developed his own sales methodology that gets him higher quality leads with less cold calling.

To get a better understanding of what he does to put up these types of numbers, we interviewed him.

What motivates you to get to work every day?

Working at Tellwise constantly keeps me on my toes. Because it is a mid-stage startup, there are daily challenges we have to overcome as a team. I work with a great group of men and women that bring a unique skillset and contribute in many different ways. One of the joys of working in a mid-stage startup is the influence I carry in every piece of the company. While my focus is on inside sales, I also contribute to the developers to help improve our app, and work with our marketing team to help hone our message. My hands are in all aspects of the company.

How do you stay productive?

To stay efficient, I set goals the week before. These goals include how many demos I want to schedule, how many new contacts I want to add to the database, how many new territories I aim to get into, etc. Once I’ve set my goals, I work on the content. To successfully reach these targets, I refine my messaging so it directly addresses their needs and pain points. Organizing and setting goals a week in advance sets me up for success the following week. And allows me enough time to develop personalized outreach to large groups of people I want to contact. We do this through our app’s Smart Messaging capability – it’s a lifesaver in any sales job.

How do you organize your sales outreach each day?

After I’ve set my goals for the week, I focus on the next day ahead. I schedule my emails the afternoon before at a set time depending on the region. I set it to send at the optimal time, according to Industry Research, so the emails drip throughout the day. This gives me a steady flow of activity and a better chance of connection with prospects because I am reaching the right people at the right time. Using this approach helps prioritize where to focus first. Because most of my outreach happens in the morning, this also gives me my afternoons to plan ahead for the next day.

So, how does this compare with other sales positions you’ve been in?

Huge time-saver. I get a higher volume outreach while still personalizing my outreach to each individual. My sales have become less static and more action-oriented. Here’s how:

  • I can see what’s going on right when it happens. A prospect might be reading up on Tellwise content, and I can quickly instant message them with more information about what they were looking for. It drives better conversations that are tailored to the prospect’s individual needs.
  • It is easier to gauge the prospect’s interest because I know what he or she is looking for. I can then personalize the outreach via instant message, which adds a human touch to the technology of it. I’m a real person offering real information in a way that doesn’t disturb the prospect from their daily routine.
  • It minimizes the intrusive and irritating phone calls that prospects dread so much.
  • I focus on delivering the best experience for the customer. Other sales positions I’ve been in didn’t use this time-saving, customer-focused technology.

How have your numbers improved?

The biggest increase I’ve seen is in the success of cold outreaches. Traditional cold calling has an 18% response rate. From there, only about 6% of these individuals might actually engage. It can be a very painful process. When I started using the instant message feature within the Tellwise Smart Message to reach my prospects, I got about a 35% rate of engagement. And, that is from a cold outreach and no call. Even when I do actually make calls, I’ve cut them down by close to 68% and still doubled the amount of demos booked. I don’t have to rely on calls because I can use the Tellwise Smart Messages feature to reach my prospects. The previous sales methodology I used to use is no longer applicable to me. I’ll never go back after seeing the higher quality of leads and conversions I’m seeing now.

With all of this scheduling and organization, are you a “shortcut” kind of guy?

To be honest, I think of “shortcuts” as cutting corners to get stuff done faster. I don’t want to cut corners. I like to think of it as optimizing my time to be more efficient. By setting goals early, organizing and scheduling the day before, and focusing on the right people at the right time, I’m already optimizing my time for efficiency. I wasn’t able to do this in my old sales positions.  One of the reasons I enjoy working at Tellwise is because there isn’t a “shortcut” mentality with anyone. We use our Tellwise app to get things done in the most efficient way, which doesn’t cut any corners. Instead it helps us achieve more, faster. It really does help me “Sell Smarter”.

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