Customer Relations Redefined: Turning One-Time Buyers Into Lifetime Customers

If you’re looking for a trick to turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers, look elsewhere. There’s no trick to building these kinds of lasting customer relationships.   

Instead of gimmicks, need to change your point of view. Don’t think about your customers as one-time buyers. Think of a sale as just one milestone in your relationship. 

The software-as-a-service industry is a great example. Here, the initial purchase gets the customer into the sales database and provides access to the software. Yes, that’s a sale, but it doesn’t stop there because it’s not a one-and-done relationship. 

After selling the software, the buyer has to like the product and the company enough to renew their subscription. Here is where having good technical support and customer relations come into play. The better introductory experience you create for your customer, the more likely they are to keep doing business with you. 

The real business value in the software-as-a-service model comes not from a one-time subscription, but from multiple renewals of the subscription software. 

When your sales relationship-building techniques are built around a buyer-centric view, it creates a memorable customer experience. This is a win-win scenario. The buyer has a great experience and is more likely to be a loyal customer. You save the time and money you’d otherwise spend attracting a new customer. 

Remember, the cost of retaining an existing customer is substantially lower than the cost of attracting a new one

Loyal customers are also in a great position to help you in ways that others can’t, such as by providing feedback on the quality and utility of your product. Furthermore, they come with the added bonus of spreading the word about your great customer relationship

To that effect, work hard to make your customers feel special. Offer benefits or perks to repeat buyers to make them feel appreciated for their business. 

Another way to maintain customer relationships is by reaching out to customers on special occasions. Try setting Google Alerts for customers and use that information to keep tabs on what’s happening in their world and craft individual messages tailored to their specific situations. It could be something as simple as a birthday message or as deep as a special subscription offer because you’ve seen a news alert that the company just hired 200 new people. 

There’s no magic solution to developing lifetime customer relationships. In fact, it’s much easier than magic. Just create a relationship that makes people feel special and valued for their business. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Don’t expect to create lasting customer relationships by treating your buyers like they’re one-time clients. Foster lifelong relationships through good customer service and a buyer-centric frame of mind. The key is to adopt this mindset from square one. 

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