Does Your Sales Team Have The Right Technology?

Behind every sales team meeting its quota is a company that believes in investing heavily in people and performance conditions such as lead generation, comp plans and technology.

Sales Benchmark Index recently shared an article about these performance conditions including incentive programs, talent management and resource allocation.

While all of these components equip sales teams to succeed, we believe that one of the most critical elements to success in today’s world of super-connected, super-educated and super-researched customers is having the right technology to manage the process.

“The tools and resources in your organization play a large part in future success,” the article states. “Every minute spent navigating a slow moving system is a minute lost.”

We at Tellwise recommend that when you consider purchasing new technology, be sure to map out the sales and marketing funnel to see what tools are being used today. You might be surprised to find that most of the technology enablement tools are for marketing, and not sales. 

In particular, front-line sales professionals have very little technology enablement beyond phone, web conferencing and email. Yes, most of them have CRM software, but this is not very useful to drive prospecting or account engagements because it’s a reporting and inspection tool for sales management.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): As you plan for 2014, it’s important that you invest in the right places, especially technology geared specifically for sales teams. New sales platforms enable front-line sellers to create unique and custom experiences for their prospects within a few minutes. They deliver great analytic insights into how customers consume sales assets and help define the next customer engagement steps.

Source: Sales Benchmark Index, October 2013

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