Efficiency and Effectiveness

Original post from Anthony Iannarino

If You Can Do the Work in 20 Hours, Work 40 Hours
File this under “tough love.”

I hear a lot of salespeople say that they’d like to be paid for what they produce. They don’t believe that it should matter how many hours it takes for them to do the work. They say, “If I can do the work in 20 hours, as long as I get the results, what difference does it make?”

But if you can produce the results that you need in 20 hours, what could you produce in 40 hours?
There’s a difference between efficiency and effectiveness, and more often than not, being effective is what’s going to propel you forward.  Sure, it’s nice to be able to get your work done early, but why stop there?  Why limit yourself to only what’s directly in front of you?

It’s a balance between speed and quality.  Being effective is about more than finishing the minimum amount of the task at hand.  It’s about reaching your potential and striving to do better.  If you can finish your work in half the time it takes others, push yourself to do more.  Be exceptional.

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