Falling Into the Multitasking Trap…

Original post from Deb Calvert:

Inside Sales & Multitasking: Sellers Behaving Badly:
You are fooling yourself if you think you can multitask while selling by phone.
Selling by phone requires just as much focus as selling in person does. In fact, I believe it requires even more dedicated focus if you are to pick up on subtle intonations, context and nuance without the benefit of visual cues.
Inside and outside sales reps alike are buying into the myth of multitasking. I seldom see sellers working by phone and doing nothing else simultaneously.
It’s not just game playing. I’ve seen a seller fill out a job application in the middle of a sales call. Online surfing is rampant. Working ahead in the CRM to plan the next call before the current one wraps up is also commonplace. I’ve also witnessed these examples of sellers behaving badly, all in the name of multitasking: eating, texting, e-mailing, addressing a birthday card, talking with a co-worker (with phone muted… hopefully), and crocheting?

When you multitask, you decrease your win:loss ratio significantly. A lot of people swear by multitasking, but little do they know, your brain can’t actually do it.

And, you shouldn’t want it to!

When you’re talking to a prospect, you should be completely focused on them; learning about their needs and wants should be your main focus.

Do you or your sellers fall into this trap?

How do you help your team stay focused? Let us know!

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