Fear is the Underbelly of Sales

Original post fromJill Konrath:

How to reframe failure to increase sales performance:
The underbelly of sales is fear. And, in reality, your success is contingent on how you handle it.
When things go wrong, the key is to take a step back and ask yourself “What did I learn? Where things start going wrong? Did I miss something? Or, how could I have done things differently?
Take the opportunity to get better, to learn new things and grow. Reframing failure into a valuable learning experience changes everything. And that’s what helps you pull our of slumps and increase sales.

Fear can completely change your sales performance.

If your sellers are scared, they won’t take the leaps they need to either reach out to their prospects in the beginning, or to keep pushing through once they’ve connected. This fear stems from not wanting to fail.

One of the ways to grow from failure, and avoid fear, is to take your “failures” and look at them from a different perspective. Take Jill’s questions above and analyze what you could have done better.

Minimize your fear with learning and productivity.

One of Jill’s great quotes to remember: “You’re not a failure. You just didn’t do it right—yet”.

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