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For Buyers, Good Content Reigns Supreme

Sellers looking to attract more prospects and get better leads need to recognize that in today’s marketplace content is king

According to the Custom Content Council, a professional organization representing North American publishers, 61 percent of consumers report not only feeling better about a company that delivers custom content, but they’re more likely to buy from that company as well. 

It’s easy to understand why this percentage is so high. Personalized content gives the buyer a sense of upfront investment by the seller. Just be aware of the distinction between branded versus personalized content. Personalizing the message is even more important than branding the content. 

There’s a lot of branded messaging out there, and it’s easy to ignore. Countless people open their inboxes every morning and delete dozens of marketing emails without considering opening even one of them. 

If you send a personalized message providing some valuable information — for example, a link to your regularly updated, content-rich blog — prospects are more likely to engage with that content. By framing your content correctly, you help drive your buyers toward the next stage of your sales process. 

Of course, it’s not enough to merely produce content and hope for the best. You need to measure the results and actively make adjustments to improve your strategy. 

Without a method for testing the effectiveness of your messages, your efforts are wasted

Look for sophisticated sales software that’s capable of measuring where your messages are successful and where you could make improvements. One of the easiest ways to test the effectiveness of your messaging is A/B testing. 

Try testing various subject lines. Use your sales and marketing software to measure which subject line performed best among your target audience. For your next email, keep the best-performing subject line and test it against a new one. Continue refining your messaging to achieve the results you’re seeking. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Personalized content resonates because when a buyer registers that you’ve made an upfront investment in them, you start on the right foot, and that calibrates all subsequent interactions. To avoid getting dismissed on account of ineffective mass-marketing emails, sellers should invest in tools that allow them to curate a tailored experience that’s relevant to their individual buyer’s needs and preferences. 

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