Get Organized and Produce Better Sales Results with These 5 Steps

Why Inside Sales teams should prioritize quality above all else to reach their goals

Many inside salespeople think that being successful is a numbers game.  Pounding the phones every day, going after as many leads as possible, will help reach their goals. Prioritizing quantity would be great if we all had unlimited time and resources. The reality is, we don’t. We’re constrained by time and resources (and money, of course). In order to reach our sales goals, we must integrate quality, not quantity. Here’s a recipe that helps set the stage for achieving the right sales results by incorporating the right tools and process.

Set expectations for your sales activity

The first step to integrating quality into your sales process is to set realistic expectations. What it boils down to is — can you commit to doing [insert goal here] on a consistent basis? Of course we could make 40 calls a day, but try not to over commit. Promising this many calls a day sounds great for some. But only closing one deal out of all that activity probably won’t allow you to reach your goals. Not to mention, keeping that pace for the long-term isn’t realistic. Understanding that these numbers may not always be in your control; however, setting realistic goals can help you better manage your work and in turn, produce higher quality work.

Create your sales activity plan

With proper goals set, the next step is to plan ahead. How many phone calls do you need to make this month to reach your conversion goal? This is different than just planning the bare minimum. Look at this planning as sub-goals to help achieve your main objectives. Always know what the next step will be with each prospect, know when it should occur and what should be communicated at each step.  Planning out more than just your daily to do-list will allow you to stay focused on your end sales goals and avoid the feeling of always being one step behind.

Put your sales plan into action

Now the third step is to put everything into action. Start simple. Instead of aiming for 40 calls, try making 10 to 15 calls a day. By doing so, you’re creating a frequency you know you can sustain. This builds good habits, and at the same time, creates awareness with your prospects. Once that frequency is sustained, build upon it.  48% of sales people never follow-up with a prospect.  And when they do, most sales – 80% — are made on the 5th to 12th contact.  The opportunity is there for the taking.  

Build Consistency into your sales process

Once you’ve established a good frequency it’s time to incorporate consistency. Think of frequency as quantity-based and consistency as quality-based. Consistent sales results come from consistent sales activity.  Easier said than done – right?  Building a consistent sales practice is probably the most challenging issue facing inside sales reps.  Successful sales systems are not built upon a binge-and-purge approach.  Consistent activity builds your sales pipeline, creates new opportunities and develops lasting relationships.  Consistency happens one day at a time, not overnight.  

Refine your approach

After you’ve created the perfect formula, don’t let it get stale. Incorporate the feedback you’ve heard from your customers or prospects.  Adjust your sales activities to better match when your prospects are available.  Try testing new versions, new messaging or new patterns of activity within your sales process and compare against your baseline. This approach requires more work, yes, but in the end, you will have more success in developing stronger relationships with your customers and prospects. Ultimately, it will help you close more deals and achieve your sales goals.

By focusing on a high-quality sales process, instead of just quantity, you’re setting yourself up for success.  What advice or sales tip do you find most helpful in creating a quality process that delivers great sales results? 


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