Getting Ahead of Unproductive Days

Original post from Lori Richardson

Unproductive – 7 Simple Tips to Crush Quota

It is easy to feel behind in a world that is creating content nonstop 24 hours a day. Your sales year began January 1 but you don’t have a month of solid production behind you. What to do?


Yep, it is a dated term going back to the beginning of business Internet. Years ago, whenever we had a major system crash or big issue with connectivity, our systems engineer would shout, “REBOOT!”


When it comes to productivity, it can be easy to feel left behind in the fast-moving world of sales.  There are days when we just can’t seem to get anything done, and so we put ourselves in a hole, go home, and call it a day, hoping that tomorrow will yield better results.  But the trick is to not allow these kinds of distractions keep you from moving forward.  The truth is that everyone faces hurdles in their lives.  But staying focused on your goals, holding yourself accountable for your actions, and constantly pushing yourself are some ways to combat the sluggish days you’ve been facing.  Lori Richardson offers some advice on beating the unproductive blues.

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