How Can Technology Take (Some Of) The Pain Out Of Prospecting?

Let’s face it, prospecting is a huge drag. Facing rejection over and over again has never, ever been even remotely fun.

With that said, here in the world of sales, we know one thing to be true — prospecting may be no fun, but we still need to do it, no matter how much it sucks. Yes, it’s quite possibly the worst part of the day, but if you don’t prospect, you don’t sell. And if you don’t sell, you lose your job, and being jobless is even less fun than prospecting.

Tony Cole, founder and CEO of Anthony Cole Training Group, a sales training organization, recently blogged about prospecting and how salespeople can improve.

“If they have a solid phone approach so that they don’t look, act and sound like everyone else … then they have a chance,” Cole suggests. “If [salespeople] practice so that their phone conversation is as natural to them as breathing, then they can improve their results.”

Cole is spot on, of course, but he misses something critical in his article. He lists only two methods to engage with customers: phone and email.

Here at Tellwise, we believe the world is ready for new and better ways to engage with customers and that means cloud-based technology.

Cloud-based CRM systems have done amazing things for sales management. Armed with this technology, managers get a great view of the overall sales pipeline. And marketers? Those guys have all kinds of incredible analytics to help them, thanks to cloud-based marketing automation tools.

That’s all great for management and marketers, but what about the front-line salespeople? They’re stuck with old-school technologies, right?

Not anymore! Cloud-based technology has also opened the door for salespeople to create a rich multimedia experience that makes collaboration with prospects easy and — dare we say it? — fun!

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Say goodbye to unsolicited phone calls and boring black-and-white emails. Salespeople can now provide a personalized experience that takes the pain (OK, only some of the pain) out of prospecting.

Source: Anthony Cole Training Group, September 2013

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