How Can You Sell More, Faster? Use Personalized Sales Content!

Thanks to the Internet, most customers these days never approach a salesperson without having completed significant research about your services — and your competitor’s services. Armed with Google, prospects have little need for you and your list of features about what you’re selling. Some studies suggest that between 40 percent and 60 percent of the buyer’s journey is complete before the customer sends you that first email.

Might as well throw in the towel, right? Not quite yet!

To stay afloat — or, dare we say it, improve, succeed and thrive! — salespeople must use technology. Thanks to new software tools, salespeople can use segmentation, build quality nurture campaigns and create personalized sales content — the seller’s trifecta.

  1. Use segmentation: Mass emails just don’t work. Inboxes are packed and it’s much too easy to click “SPAM” on a message and delete it. What people need is a personalized message. Using segmented lists lets salespeople send targeted emails without having to write 1,000 individual notes. Segment prospects by the various stages of the buying cycle, product lines or even lost opportunities. Segmentation allows sellers to be more efficient yet still dedicate more time to focus on the specifics of the customer.
  2. Create nurture campaigns: Nobody likes a tire-kicker — until, that is, they actually decide to buy the car they’ve been kicking. This is why nurture campaigns are so critical; many people are interested, but not quite ready to buy. You need to do something to keep their attention while you’re waiting for the green light. Technology can remind you to take specific actions to maintain a relationship with the prospect without overwhelming them. Remember, finding someone who might be interested later requires fewer resources than finding a completely new prospect who may or may not be interested at all.
  3. Create personalized sales content: No two buyers are exactly the same, so creating the same kind of sales assets for different prospects with different needs is just, well, stupid. A recent webinar of ours talked about how customizing content is the only way to guide buyers through the journey without lumping them into one pot. In case you missed it, here are four great ideas from that conversation about how to construct personalized sales content.

* Learn everything you can about the prospect and their organization: Discover their problems, pain points, demographics and habits. Figure out how you’re going to add value for them. It’s especially important to research the best format for the content that they prefer. Do they watch more videos? Do they like slide decks or white papers? The answers can make a huge difference in your engagement.

* Discover the buying process: Ask your current customers how they buy. Who do they get approval from? Who signs off on the purchase? Where do they do their research? Is there a demo required or a valuation process? You need to know.

* Create content for every stage of the buyer’s cycle and deliver it in the frequency and format that they prefer: If they need more data about your industry, send them research. If they need more talking points, send them a deck.

By the way, if you want to hear more about this particular topic, we’ll continue this discussion at 10 a.m. PST on Thursday, March 6 with our follow-up webinar, “Turning The Buyer’s Journey Into An Expressway: 3 Ways to Improve Your Close Rates.”

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The more time salespeople spend helping customers solve their problems, the faster they’ll be able to move these prospects through the sales process. Remember, once you create content, use it over and over again. Perhaps you can do a little tweaking and reuse that video or white paper for another prospect. This increases the ROI of any personalized sales content.

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