How data can accelerate onboarding

Hiring New Salespeople? Here’s How Data Can Accelerate Onboarding

A new sales rep costs your organization money the very first day he starts. You have to invest time and money training every new rep, and they probably won’t start closing deals until month two or three. Until then, your sales team will lose revenue and experience lower productivity.

There’s no question that organizations need to onboard new salespeople as quickly as possible. And with a data-driven approach, a new sales rep could be up and running in half the time.

Here’s how data can accelerate onboarding:


Better Conversations with Prospects

When a new sales rep joins the team, he has to learn the culture, the solution or product he is selling, and his role in the larger sales team. Not to mention how to actually sell. Sure, more experienced sales rep may give him some pointers, but new sales reps are often thrown into the wild by themselves, forced to figure out what works and doesn’t work.

Data can speed up this onboarding process and give a new sales rep the exact words he needs to fill his pipeline and close deals. If experienced sales reps have been
testing subject lines, send times, and messages, they’ll have a long list of things that move the needle, and things that have a negative impact on conversion rates. You could then give a new sales rep a series of email templates that are proven to work, with subject lines that increase open rates or suggested times to send the email, saving time for both new and existing sales reps.

Tellwise data insights:

  • Finding the right messaging that resonates with customers and getting a new sales rep into the groove of using the messaging takes many weeks. However, by providing them access to email templates and voicemail templates that are proven to work reduces that time dramatically. Our customers have measured that this process can reduce the time to full productivity for a rep by as much as 40%.

Improved Sales Productivity

A new sales rep is just not as efficient as someone who has been on the team for a couple of years. They spend more time finding leads, making outreach, doing research, and closing deals. While this extra time is necessary for new reps to get up to speed, it can cost your organization money due to lower productivity.   

However, your sales team can leverage data-driven tools to improve the productivity of new sales reps. Look for software that helps reps understand their customer and identify which ones are worth communicating with. For example, instead of spending the same amount of time and effort communicating with an interested lead as a disinterested lead, sales reps can put all their energy toward the right kind of prospects.

A sales rep could get a live feed of prospects’ activity and see when someone is looking at his email or clicking a link he sent. He doesn’t have to guess anymore; instead, he can zero in on opportunities to interact when it matters most, when the prospects are actually thinking of your solution.

Tellwise data insights:

  • Figuring out what to do next is a constant challenge for new sales reps. Which prospects are the most important, who should get the next email, and who should get the next phone call are all common questions. With detailed analytics of customer traffic and behavior, sales reps can track real-time interactions with sales content with Tellwise’s Smart Messages. Sales reps who use Smart Messages see a 78% increase in productivity.

Real-Time View into What’s Working

Experienced sales reps can understand which messages and content are working and not working based on their customers’ reactions. Because they have built solid relationships with their customers, they can tell when something just isn’t resonating. A new sales rep doesn’t have this same advantage.

When new sales reps are interacting with new customers, it can be hard to tell what kind of outreach and messaging is successful. They try a bunch of different things and hope something lands. However, if new sales reps have access to data analytics, they can track the engagement from their calls and communication and instantly see what is and isn’t working.

They can find out if a prospect opened an email, clicked a link, or viewed a piece of content, in real time. So instead of always wondering if they’re doing the right thing, new sales reps can get instant feedback.

Tellwise data insights:

  • We found that when sales reps connect with prospects who are actually online, there is a 38% conversion rate to live connection/conversation with that customer.

It costs an average of $114, 957 to replace a sales rep. Organizations need to invest in new reps and help them integrate into the team and start making sales. And the easiest way to support a new sales rep? With cold, hard data. There is no ambiguity with a data-driven onboarding approach. New reps won’t be left wondering what to do or how to be successful. They’ll have the exact formula to start generating money.

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