How Do You Improve Sales Process Adoption in the Field?

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With everyone in the middle of planning for next year, take into account adoption and who is accountable for what.

When done right, Sales Process moves the needle. How do you ensure the Sales Process is done right? You hold someone accountable.

Adoption sits firmly on the shoulders of Sales Enablement. If the reps do not feel the sales process is going to help close more business, then the Sales Enablement team didn’t do their job.


‘What’s in it for me’ (WIIFM). In addition to WIIFM, Sales Enablement needs to provide the tools and content to make the sales team more effective. This breeds adoption.

    • Mobile: Sales is field based. Therefore you need to serve up tools on a mobile platform. The sales team can then consume the information right before they have the meeting. The content is fresh and impactful.
    • Coaching & Reinforcement: Coaching is owned by the frontline sales management. They are just executing on behalf of the Sales Enablement team. This can be done via weekly meetings.


Defining the right sales process is vital.  But equally important is the adoption of the process.  The best sales process can and will fail if no one is accountable.  Or if the right tools are not created and delivered to drive adoption.  It’s imperative that Sales Enablement takes ownership of adoption.  Don’t let your sales process fail.

A fantastic read for any salesperson. [Hat tip to Greg Alexander]

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