How Does Selling Automation Improve Productivity?

Wouldn’t you like to be more productive? Every minute you spend on tasks other than engaging your leads and prospects is a wasted opportunity. With selling automation, you’re able to automate many manual and routine tasks, which frees up your precious time to focus more on selling. 

Selling automation tools provide sales teams with collaboration capabilities, advanced data analysis and greater efficiency. This allows sales reps to create and distribute content in a structured, methodological and ongoing basis. In turn, that solves three big pain points: 

  1. Selling automation frees up time for prospecting more effectively.
  2. You’re able to communicate more efficiently and work with customers and prospects on a slightly greater scale, yet still have the experience feel highly personalized.
  3. Automation offers greater insight into what’s working and what’s not working in your sales process. 

Selling automation also improves the quality of your leads and prospects by taking care of rudimentary, administrative tasks. Time allocation is crucial for productivity. If you spend an hour a day working on administrative tasks that could be automated, that’s an hour you’re not spending focusing on your customers. 

Use the extra time you gain with automation to create more personalized interactions with your customers. 

So, where in the sales process should you implement automation? It’s best to start the automation process right away. Selling automation provides clear and actionable insights about your prospects. If you wait to start the selling automation process, anything could happen. Your prospects could go to a competitor or lose interest. 

Take advantage of automation to create a feedback loop that informs you on what your customers are doing and what your next steps of engagement should be. With the right approach, your prospects stay engaged, communication gets easier and you save time in the long run. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Stay relevant to your increasingly informed buyers. Automate key parts of your sales process to save time and build more valuable customer relationships. Selling automation lowers your sales costs because your sales team is empowered to prospect more effectively, communicate more efficiently and gain greater buyer insight. 

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