How Effectively Do You Nurture Your Prospects?

Many sales organizations know that they need to deliver personalized sales assets to their prospects in order to build a relationship with them — at least on a wide scale.

Thanks to the Internet, many buyers have completed most of their research about the products and services they need before ever engaging with a salesperson. What they still lack, however, is someone to help them sort through all the information out there and help them solve their problems.

Unfortunately, what salespeople often don’t know is that in order to actually reach the buyers who need their help, they must incorporate this philosophy of personalization — also known as persona-based selling — throughout the ENTIRE sales process. In other words, they must custom-tailor all of their nurture campaigns or they simply won’t work as well.

Here’s why. Often, when sales companies deliver content to potential buyers, they receive one of three different responses:

A) “I’m not interested in this content at all.”
B) “This is great and solves my problems. Let’s keep talking!”
C) “Hey, this does look interesting, but I don’t really need this right now.”

We believe that creating a personalized nurture campaign is critical because the last response is so common. Many prospects are simply not ready to buy your product today. But they might be ready sometime soon. Which is why building a long-term relationship with a nurture campaign is so important.

But no ordinary nurture program will accomplish this goal. These campaigns need sales assets that are always relevant and useful to them, no matter how much they progress through the buyer’s cycle. If someone says they’re interested in your solutions but don’t have a current need for it, you should be able to convert that person in the future. Finding someone who might be interested later is so much easier and cheaper than finding two or three completely new prospects.

So how do you actually create personalized nurture campaigns? The key is to use persona-based content and new engagement technologies, which can tailor the content that you send to every prospect until they become a customer. It’s so critical to spend time talking to your buyers and understanding their specific journey. You must know what kind of specific content they need at each step of the way.

A recent webinar of ours highlights how to personalize nurture campaigns. In case you missed it, here are two great tips from that conversation.

  1. Conduct interviews of customers to discover details about their respective buying process: The trick to this is simple; just go out and ask your customers how they actually buy. Ask customers about their decision criteria and who is typically involved in the buying process.
  2. Once you’ve mapped the buying process, pair actions to specific content for each step of the campaign: Determine their needs and resolve their concerns. If they need more information, send it to them. If they need more examples, send them a slide presentation. Whatever they need, be sure to set it up.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The time to create personalized content for every potential buyer has passed. If you haven’t yet embraced the technology that enables you to deliver persona-based sales assets for an entire nurture campaign, you run the risk of missed opportunities. Research your buyers, use social technologies and help your prospects solve their problems. If you do this, we’re confident that you’ll be able to build a true relationship with prospects and guide them through the buying cycle.

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