How Multitasking Affects Your Sales Technique

Watching TV, eating dinner, texting a friend, reading the newspaper – we live in an era of multitasking. We are doing more things at the same time than ever before, and while we may feel more productive, we’re actually losing time and lowering our IQs.

And the downsides of multitasking don’t stop there. Think about what a multitasking customer means for you: sending an email to a prospect means that you’re adding yet another message to their cluttered, digital life. Making a phone call means you have to persuade a prospect to stop texting or Instagramming to answer your call.

While it can add to your challenge as a salesperson, multitasking prospects shouldn’t scare you away. As long as you understand the prevalence of multitasking and how to deal with it, you’ll still be able to successfully get to your target audience.

The Rise of Multitasking

Studies show that only 2% of people can actually multitask effectively, but that doesn’t stop the other 98% from trying.

Consider the following statistics:

  • On average, employees who use a computer for work are distracted once every 10.5 minutes
  • 89% of people with smartphones use them at work
  • While average Americans watch TV, 42% browse the internet, 29% talk on their phones, and 26% text or IM
  • 67% of people will check their email or the Internet on their smartphones while on a date

The Solution: How to Break Through

Luckily, sales acceleration software like Tellwise can help you break through the multitasking bubble.

Here are three ways to reach multitasking prospects:

  • Communicate when your prospects are engaged: How do you know when an email will land in your prospect’s inbox at the perfect time, or when she is distracted on Facebook or Pinterest? With Tellwise, you can be instantly notified when your prospects and customers are online and looking at your content. Once you know they are engaged with your material, you can instant message them at the most opportune time.
  • Leverage data to find the best timing: Tellwise is constantly tracking the effectiveness of your phone calls and emails. Over time, it’ll track duration of calls, open rates of emails, and more, helping you to identify the time of day that prospects are most likely to answer.
  • View a live activity feed: The hardest part about multitasking prospects is that you are truly in the dark about their activity and behavior. You have no idea how many things they are doing at once and when you can squeeze in and grab their attention. Tellwise compiles a live activity feed of prospects’ behavior so you don’t have to wonder anymore. You can see a detailed log of when prospects have opened an email or presentation, clicked a link, and more.

Multitasking isn’t going away; in fact, it will likely increase as technology continues to evolve. That means that traditional sales tactics will become less and less effective. However, just like technology has fueled multitasking, it can also help you reach the right people at the right time.

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