How To Close B2B Sales Quicker When Dealing With Multiple Decision-Makers

When it comes to getting down to business and closing deals, it pays to have direct access to a decision-maker. 

But in B2B sales today, there usually isn’t just one decision-maker in the room. More than half of B2B deals involve between two and five-decision makers, and about 30 percent have six to 10 decision-makers influencing the process, according to a Carat Enterprise and Google survey from 2013

So, what should sellers do to make sure they’re engaging with buyers who have the authority to make a purchasing decision? 

One way to get answers is to float specific, but indirect, questions at your prospects. Asking something like, “If we were to find an agreeable deal, how would we get it closed?” could provide you with a lot of detail. 

If the reply includes comments about talking to a manager or checking to see if there’s room in the budget to make the decision, you gain a better understanding of that individual’s role in the organization. 

When a purchase decision involves multiple decision-makers, it helps to know where each person stands in the group. Then, you can more clearly see if there are any key players missing. 

It’s likely that you’ll have to appeal to several individuals before you close the deal. As you interact with them, be prompt and follow up quickly. 

Responsiveness comes back to how you handle the relationship. If you’re always prompt with your responses, it drives a positive perception of you as an individual. Your company or brand is an extension of that perception. 

Promptness also has another important benefit: If you’re prompt with your replies, your prospect reads your message when they’re already thinking about your product or service. 

Plus, timely and useful responses show that you’re someone they can rely on. 

Remember, to develop a relationship with a customer, it’s best to not only share content about your product or service with prospects. While you certainly want prospects to buy from you, it’s important that they see you as a source of valuable information and not just someone looking to make a deal. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Look for technology that helps you facilitate productive engagements with your prospects. Anything that serves to tailor your actions to your target buyer’s preferences or more effectively collaborate with multiple decision-makers is likely to result in deals closing quicker. 

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