How To Create An Innovative Sales Culture With Social Selling

If you work for a high-tech company, it’s easy to understand how important innovation is to your success. It may seem less correlated, but as salespeople, adopting social selling and other innovations is just as vital to success as innovation is in other industries

Yet many members of the sales world seem to be stuck in the “traditional” sales mindset. The issue is that the methodology behind this mindset doesn’t match how your prospects want to interact with you. The buyer journey is a collaboration of product or service education. 

For better or worse, this is what your prospects need before sales conversations take place. From an organizational level, developing a culture that fosters innovation is fundamental to your overall success. 

So how do you create a culture of innovation and collaboration in your sales organization? The only way to change behavior is by changing how you measure performance

If you want your sales team to adopt social selling practices, you must objectively measure and reward your reps bases on metrics related to innovative sales best practices. Incentivize the behaviors you want them to put into practice. 

After all, activities drive outcomes. And in this case, the activities drive sales growth. 

You don’t necessarily need to replace your current incentive system. But supplementing what you already have with objective social performance metrics stimulates innovative activity. The rewards don’t necessarily need to be financial, either. The praise that comes with naming someone as “sales rep of the month is surprisingly influential, for instance. 

You might consider the following metrics: 

  • Number of comments made on LinkedIn
  • Number of tweets
  • Number of relevant articles shared with prospects 

There are many metrics to consider, but the key is to choose those that accurately depict whether your team is selling in the way you believe is most effective.

Even so, there’s still an important underlying question to address in making this culture shift: Is it possible to retrain your sales reps for this new culture, or is it better to rehire? 

The reality is many salespeople often have trouble shifting their selling approach. Hiring new sales reps that already have a consultative mindset and value lead nurturing and social selling is much more likely to result in a successful culture change. 

As you go through the hiring process, you want to focus on candidates that have social selling experience and demonstrated success. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): There’s no two ways about it – innovating to match your selling approach to the modern buyer journey is essential. To get your team to incorporate these effective sales strategies into their day-to-day activities, you must incentivize them by measuring and rewarding such behavior. When you’ve instilled a culture of innovation, you’re more proactive and flexible to meet your buyers’ needs. 

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