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How to Increase Connect Rates by 400 percent with Local Presence Dialing

When you get a call and it’s from your local area, are you tempted to pick up the phone and see who is on the line? What about when you see a number from across the country, from a different state and time zone? Do you pick up the phone then?  

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get people on the phone today. With local presence dialing, your sales team could appear as if they were in each and every three-digit area code, no matter where they are actually located.  And, it has the potential to increase your connect rates by as much as 400%.

Here’s everything you need to know about local presence dialing:

What is local presence dialing?

Local presence dialing is the ability for callers to control the area code from which they make calls.  An inside sales team that is focused on Los Angeles but  based in Denver can have all of their calls automatically originate from a Los Angeles area code.The caller’s area code will simply match the area code of the number being dialed, with no effort from the caller.  

Does local presence dialing work?

Every modern sales organization and sales process likely has some amount of outbound calling.  You want to connect with customers over the phone to share important information about your product or service and ask some discovery questions along the way.  The challenge that sellers face is getting people to answer the phone so that they can have a real conversation.  

How do people decide whether or not to answer their phone?  There are many factors, including time or day, what they are doing at that moment, caller display information and, quite frankly, even their mood. In order to maximize your conversations, you need to think about all the factors that you can control and maximize their potential.  

With local presence, you can control the caller display information.  Think about yourself.  Are you more or less likely to answer a call from a local area code as opposed to something like a 1-800 number?  It turns out that there is about a 35% increase in pickup rates for local numbers over 1-800 numbers.  So if you want to increase the number of conversations that you or your team have, leveraging local area codes is a good approach.

There are other advantages for the end customer as well.  They only need to call a local number in order to get back in touch with your team and you therefore reduce any long distance charges that they might have incurred if you used your own local number.

What are the problems with local presence?

While using local presence phone numbers does help with connection rates, it is not without some problems.  It is possible that some customers might get offended or annoyed if they realize that the caller is not actually in the local area code.  In the extreme, they might think of the approach as somehow dishonest or deceitful.  Unfortunately, technology can sometimes introduce these tricky grey areas.  If you are focused on delivering real value to your customer in every conversation, these challenges will take care of themselves and likely never arise.


If you are seriously considering a local presence feature for yourself or your team, you should also consider cost and implementation as additional factors.  In most dialer systems, local presence is a premium feature and can only be used in an all or nothing fashion.  The feature is turned on for your entire team at a premium price per user.  If this is something that you are just considering and want to experiment with a little, look for a solution that is flexible and allows you to determine where this feature may take effect and also control the costs in a more granular way.

For example, if you have a team in Denver and they are calling the East Coast and West Coast, you might segment your local dialing in a couple of different ways to control costs.  Our data shows that phone connect rates on the East Coast tend to be higher in general than the West Coast.  This is partly due to business culture.  While local presence will no doubt help, it will likely help more on the West Coast, so start there as a way to ease in.   As you establish success, go ahead and roll it out to more states and numbers.  Some solutions will charge you by area code so you can have a great deal of control over your costs and determine if it’s the right solution for you.

Should you jump in?

There is no question that local area codes increase the probability that someone will answer the phone.  There are challenges once they answer the phone to ensure that you have a great conversation and deliver real value, but that is always a challenge.   Your sales team  always needs to put their best foot forward in understanding your customers and educating them about your offering.  Local presence can help and if you can find a solution that allows you to ease into it, you can verify its effectiveness for yourself without breaking the budget bank.  To learn more about Tellwise local presence sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo with our team.

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