How To Make Yourself Shine With Prospects On LinkedIn

If you already have a great website full of relevant, educational content, the next logical place to up your game is social media. 

Your prospects spend just as much (if not more) time online as you do, so it makes sense to meet them where they’re located. 

But before you expand your presence to every social media channel available, stop and ask yourself whom you’re trying to reach and where you can reach them. 

In the context of B2B sales, social media carries far less weight than it does in a B2C sales environment. Many of the big social media players — such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube — don’t apply much to the B2B world. While it doesn’t hurt to have a presence on these channels, B2B sellers shouldn’t spend much time with these. 

For B2B sellers, your first (and perhaps only) stop should be LinkedIn. Use the professional social network to learn about your target buyer personas’ pains and problems. Spend time in LinkedIn discussion groups where your prospects hang out. Listen to their conversations and get a feel for the language they use. When the opportunity for you to contribute something meaningful to that conversation arises, jump in. 

But before you do, make sure your own LinkedIn profile is updated, complete and error-free. Your profile picture carries a lot of weight, too. In fact, LinkedIn’s official blog reports that just having a profile photo on your page makes it 14 times more likely to be viewed. 

Be sure your picture makes your prospects think, “This is a person I want to do business with.” 

LinkedIn recommends using a professional headshot with a distraction-free background. It also recommends cropping the photo so that your face fills the frame and that you dress appropriately for your industry. “If you are worried, err on the side of dressing up a little,” LinkedIn suggests. “It never hurts to have clean, new garments.” 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): LinkedIn is the hub for professionals of all types, so it’s highly likely your target buyers have a presence there. Don’t engage them until you’re sure your own LinkedIn presence is presentable. If you need to expand your social media presence to other channels, make sure your interactions are always within a professional context. 

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