How to Ruin a Great Customer Experience

Dave Brock

I took my car in to get serviced the other day. The dealership has done a fantastic job in designing a great customer experience.

I picked up the car, actually earlier than they had promised, it took me about 10 minutes at the dealership. All in all, an absolutely effortless experience. I was very happy.

Then things started to go downhill. About 20 minutes later I had an email from the dealership asking about my experience.

Yesterday, I got a call from someone at the dealership. It was someone else from the dealership checking on my experience, they would appreciate an outstanding evaluation if I was so inclined. I also got two follow up emails. You can guess what they said.

Finally, this morning, I got another email. I’ve got it, I don’t need any more reminders or encouragement.

These stories highlight how quickly we can go from providing a great customer experience, to a terrible one. Fast. It’s all too easy with marketing and sales automation technology. Use these tools to your advantage. Just because your customer or prospect is available, doesn’t mean asking them a stream of questions about their experience is a good idea.


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