How To Sell The Right Way With A ‘Pull’ Strategy

Most salespeople use a “push” sales strategy, spending most of their time and effort convincing customers about features and benefits of their products and services.

We believe this is a huge mistake.

The Sales Hunter recently shared an article outlining why the push approach is a terrible idea. It’s better to use a “pull” method because it results in more sales and higher profits.

Here’s how pulling works: The key is to create incentives for customers that encourage them to buy the product. For this strategy, “the customer comes to believe the product you have is the one they have to buy,” the article explains.

The Sales Hunter suggests that building a pull strategy is all about asking questions to get people to reveal their needs and convince themselves they need your product.

We have another idea. Here at Tellwise, we believe that building a pull strategy means changing your attitude toward content. Today, it’s more important to embrace the marketing concept and pull buyers in as opposed to pushing your product or service on them.

For sellers, this means rolling up your sleeves, and in some cases, playing a bigger in role in customizing content. Most sellers say that marketing is responsible for creating content, but we disagree. Marketers can take the content to a general level because they have a much broader focus. Sellers need to take ownership of the content and personalize it to individual sale situations.

Remember that selling is less about face-to-face conversations and phone calls these days, especially in the beginning. It’s more about a digital-driven, highly personalized approach, and content is king there.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Even with an intelligent selling platform, the “garbage in, garbage out” concept holds true. You’re not going to get anywhere with content that sucks. Sellers can’t rely solely on marketers for content!

Source: The Sales Hunter, October 2013

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