How To Use LinkedIn To Fill Your Sales Funnel

If you’re not paying attention to your LinkedIn profile, you risk missing out on connections, leads and maybe even sales

When anyone looks at your personal LinkedIn profile they need to have a complete experience. Your profile is essentially an organic, online version of your resume. But in addition to your professional history, your profile also offers viewers insight into your professional network and connections within your industry. 

Just like you’re able to infer interesting information when you visit someone’s LinkedIn profile, others can do the same when they visit yours. So make sure your profile looks good!

If it’s not updated with current professional information, that’s the first place to start making revisions. Make sure you have a nice photo. 

Next, consider your network. How large is it? If you’re only connected to a couple dozen people, you won’t appear active or well-connected. Also, if your LinkedIn connections don’t overwhelmingly belong to people in industries relevant to your position, it may send up red flags to some viewers.

The more robust your LinkedIn profile is, the more you’ll be able to leverage it to fill your sales funnel

In a vacuum, your profile alone probably won’t get you many leads. But a good, informative profile does a lot to establish your credibility as you participate in discussion groups on LinkedIn, where your prospects spend time. Use this space to learn more about the language your prospects speak and gain a better understanding of their pains. 

If you start conversations (or participate in them) via LinkedIn discussion groups, your prospects may click on your profile to learn more about you. Make sure they see exactly what you want them to see. 

Extend invitations to connect with both your prospects and your peers. Leverage these connections in your favor. Perhaps one of your peers is connected to your dream prospect. They may be able to facilitate an introduction. 

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your webpage and each post you make on LinkedIn like it’s a call-to-action to drive connections. The right content, delivered to the right connections, goes a long way toward filling your sales funnel. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Once your LinkedIn profile is in top shape, start focusing on what you post to the social network. Every article posted or comment made in a discussion group should be informative, authoritative and valuable to your readers. When you consistently prove that you provide insightful and meaningful content, your prospects notice and your sales funnel fills up. 

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