If You’re Not Growing Your Email List, You’re Not Bringing Your ‘A’ Game

4 easy ways to grow your email list (without buying it)

The idea that a human being is on the other end of every email is mostly forgotten.  So when someone does give you their email address, they’re saying they trust you with their inbox, time and attention. Treat this with this utmost respect.

This means, if you’re still buying email lists to prospect, it’s time to rethink your tactics. Not only are there many dangers associated with buying a list, the simple fact is, those people don’t want to hear from you. And despite what you’ve heard, buying an “opt-in” list isn’t possible.  

“The experts” say you’ve got to offer free stuff, discounts, value-value-value, among other rainbows and unicorns. There’s definitely better ways.

Here they are, the 4 easy ways to grow your email list (without buying it):

If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no’

Let’s say you just had an excellent conversation with a prospect. Before you hang up, ask them if they’d like to join your email list. Be prepared to give them a reason receiving your email can benefit them. You’d be surprised, 70% of people say yes.

Your best target is social media

Social media probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when growing a prospect list. The short answer is LinkedIn. This is because there are more top sellers on LinkedIn than anywhere else. Even Twitter can be a good resource. Try tweeting out a reason why someone should join your list and include a link to sign up.

Make it a two-way street

Whether you’re sending out a monthly newsletter or new product information, don’t talk at your audience. Most consider a newsletter a one-way street. You send it, they read it, and then it ultimately ends up in the trash.  Take advantage of the reply button. At the bottom of your email including lines like “share your story, hit reply” or “Say Hi, and how much you love or hate the content,” encourage interaction. Bonus tip – even if you’re sending to a lot people, make sure it comes from a normal email address, not a “no-reply.” Focusing on two-way communication and these actions may not result in direct sales, but you’re building trust for the long-term.

Default call to action

Making email your default call to action is a good start. Making that call to action “Sign up for my free mailing list” is boring and most people won’t give it a second thought. Give them a unique reason they should want to receive emails from you.

Gregory Ciotti uses, “Where I share those things I’d rather my competitors never know.”

Mari Forleo uses, “Create a business & life you love.”

Notice there’s no mention of “newsletter” or “sign up” – you can easily tell what you’re getting with no sales-pitch blandness.

Bonus points

It’s no secret that retaining customers is easier than gaining new ones. This means keeping prospects from unsubscribing is just as important as adding new ones. There are some things you can’t avoid, like your contacts’ email address changed as they moved from one company to another. Use email to send additional resources or services they may not know about. Don’t assume your current customers know of everything going on.

How about you?

What are some of your favorite ways to build your email list?

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