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Inside Sales Corner: How to Speed Up – and Warm Up – the Sales Process with Technology

Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) face multiple challenges, and chief among them is a sales cycle that is just too slow. In fact, a slow sales process was rated one of the biggest barriers in CSO Insights’ recent survey.

Part of this slowness comes from a sales representative’s lack of control of the buyer’s decision making process. And part of it is the result of reps spending a lot of their time playing phone tag or email tag: returning phone calls, leaving messages, and negotiating schedules.

Tellwise has been able to buck this trend and speed up their sales cycle. We asked Billy, one of our expert account executives, to describe how his sales team uses Tellwise to speed up the sales cycle.

Describe the role of an Inside Sales Rep (ISR).
The inside sales role is responsible for broader outreach and email campaigns as well as cold calling. The ISR uses Tellwise technology to prioritize who to reach out to, then schedule rich, content-heavy emails to them. With Tellwise, we know if they’ve opened an email and we can respond accordingly. Based on the engagement and how those cold prospects are doing, we then are able to connect with them via the app’s built-in chat functionality.

How important is the role of the ISR?
The whole sale starts with the ISR. The internal sales rep offers a prospect’s first experience with a new company or brand, and therefore sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. The goal of the ISR is to be open and transparent with them from the very start, to show them that Tellwise is genuinely interested in helping them. This transparency builds trust right from the first touch, trust that’s needed to keep moving prospects through the funnel to become a buyer.

Once the ISR has qualified a prospect and learned about their specific needs, the ISR schedules an appointment or demo with me, the account executive. I give the demo, tailoring it to the prospect’s needs after the ISR hands it off to me. Because the Tellwise tool has helped to capture all of that information already, I don’t need to go back through asking the same repetitive questions. Instead, I can easily and smoothly move the process and the relationship forward.

How should the ISR introduce the account executive to begin the transfer?
The transfer from ISR to AE needs to be smooth and warm to keep the prospect engaged. The prospect can’t feel like he or she is simply being “handed off.” Tellwise makes it easy to make a smooth transition and therefore a great first impression.

  1. The ISR can add the AE to an existing Tellwise Smart Message by sending an invitation to join.
    • This lets the AE know about the opportunity.
    • This also shares relevant information to make a warmer transfer, not seen by the prospect.
  2. Once the AE is added to the existing Smart Message:
    • They are able to see the history and analytics of the ISR’s initial interactions.
    • They can introduce themselves and can start a new thread allowing the ISR to focus on new opportunities.

The AE gets introduced killing two birds with one stone. This helps speed the process along and create a seamless, warm transfer.

When is the ideal time to transfer a prospect to an AE?
The ideal time is as fast as possible once the prospect has expressed interest. Time is now of the essence! Tellwise technology can make a warm transfer happen in real time. With Tellwise, the ISR can share the AE’s ‘Free/Busy Calendar’ within Tellwise. When a prospect is ready for the demo, the ISR can look at my calendar and find a time that will work for both the prospect and myself. This eliminates the back and forth emailing trying to find a time that works for everyone, which is important because sometimes the back and forth can take up to three days to get a time scheduled. In that time, prospects could research competitors or start to rethink their interest. We want to avoid that by avoiding the time lag. With Tellwise, it’s in the moment vs. back and forth over a few days.

On the other end, using Tellwise, I know when the ISRs are sending out email batches and once I’ve been invited to a Smart Message, I can see the ISR has been talking to this person for the last 5 or 10 minutes. I’m coming into the conversation with some previous knowledge, which also helps to make it a warm transfer.

ISR to AE blog_image

What is the account executive’s role after the transfer?
The account executive plays an important role in moving the sale along by making sure the demo is of interest to the prospect. Using the Tellwise tool, I can tailor the demo to the prospect’s needs. Prospects want a solution that will solve their specific needs. The Tellwise app allows me to see what the prospect is spending their time on, and use that insight to tailor our conversation to meet their overall goals. It’s a huge time saver for both of us. And gets us to a closed sale faster!

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