Is ‘Champion Content’ Part Of Your Selling Strategy?

Guess what? Today’s buyers already know a lot about what they need and want. In fact, they’ve done their own research before ever contacting your salespeople! What does this mean? You must target potential buyers with only the information and channels that speak directly to them.

That’s the message from TOPO, a sales and marketing company that recently posted a blog about content selling with specific process steps, examples and quality checks. TOPO calls this content “champion content.”

“Champion content is designed specifically for your internal champion who is interested in your solution but must navigate his/her own organization to advance the deal,” the post explains. Champion content can speed up the buying process and accelerate a sales pipeline.

Ideally, according to the TOPO post, sales content should “move buyers from one stage to the next,” “answer questions or objections,” “overcome roadblocks” and “suit the consumption patterns of your target buyer.” Let’s take a look at how to do this:

  1. Develop a target persona: You don’t need to produce champion content for everyone, only the buyer you’re targeting. How do you write content for this person? Start by knowing their demographics, role in the company and objectives along with how they make buying decisions.
  2. Map out the buying experience: Detail the steps that your target buyer takes to purchase your products. Include their communication style, objections, roadblocks and key activities.
  3. Design the perfect buying experience: Detail the touch points for sales reps or marketing experts to engage with the buyer. 

After you’ve completed all of these steps and created champion content, one big question still remains: How is this content going to be delivered to your prospect? In person is obviously the best choice, but in many cases you don’t have the option to do that. And email sometimes offers very little insight into how your prospect consumes your carefully created content.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Fortunately, there are a number of new technologies available that enable sellers to deliver very personalized content and engagement experiences. We believe the consultative approach to selling is definitely the future and will dictate a new kind of communication pattern between the buyer and the seller.

Source: TOPO, September 2013

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