Is Marketing Technology Leaving Sellers In The Dust?

It’s easy to understand why salespeople are reluctant to embrace the newest technological goodies from the marketing department.

So often the new CRM system, automation tool or social network that is supposed to improve efficiency just doesn’t work. More than that, it’s a giant time-suck for the whole sales team.

Here at Tellwise, we totally get this. Over the last year, we’ve seen how marketing departments seem to have scored most of the technology goodies. Partnering with IT, this department is usually in charge of setting up the CRM system, marketing automation, social channel analysis, blogging, tweeting and a whole host of additional features. With the marketing folks hyper-technology enabled, salespeople sometimes get left behind.

Sales Benchmark Index recently shared an interesting blog about this dilemma.

According to research in the article, marketing is only generating about 30 percent of all sales opportunities, despite all of this technology support. Sellers, mostly without all the technology support, still generate 70 percent of all prospects.

Two questions remain: How can technology enable sellers to drive more effective and impactful prospecting themselves? And how can marketing better support sellers with its technology?

The article suggests an answer.

First of all, marketers should start treating sales teams like they treat buyers: use buyer personals, process maps, a custom sales process and then assign the right people to build a campaign for them. In other words, marketers should consider these “internal buyers” and “sell” to them.

“The sales team is time starved,” the article notes. “Failure to understand your internal buyer results in failing to gain adoption of new capabilities. Failing to gain adoption means failure for you.”

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Modern sales and prospecting platforms should enable sellers with new technology. Sales professionals can help themselves with technology to generate the 70 percent of leads they still need to generate.

Source: Sales Benchmark Index, October 2013

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