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Journey To The Wild West: Strike Up Sales Conversations With Twitter

If you’re looking to use social media to drive more sales, Twitter is sort of like the Wild West. But don’t let that stop you from putting on your boots and riding into a foreign land to strike up new sales conversations.  

LinkedIn, comparably, might as well be the Old World. It hosts a segmented, yet more established and qualified audience than Twitter. Logically then, LinkedIn gets the lion’s share of attention from sellers. 

However, Twitter is an excellent venue to see what your competition is doing in real time, and it’s a useful exploratory tool for cultivating prospects based on what they’re tweeting. 

While selling strategies on Twitter’s evolving landscape are still taking shape, there are a few sales best practices specifically tailored to Twitter that you should be using when you “head out west.” 

First, you need to be consistent. Consistency is essential for staying relevant on Twitter. If you say you’re going to post five tweets a day, do it! You can’t effectively participate in sales conversations on Twitter if you tweet regularly for a week and then stop tweeting for a month. 

Is it necessary to tweet once every 20 minutes for eight hours a day? Probably not. But once you decide on the appropriate volume of tweets, it’s important to stick to it. 

Next, focus on content. The best Twitter lead nurturing campaigns deliver content that’s relevant to the prospect’s pains. Twitter’s search options are highly customizable. If you’re searching for the right messages at the right time, you’ll come upon prospects. 

If your organization provides staffing solutions, for example, try tweaking various Twitter searches around relevant staffing solutions keywords. Then, you’ll see all the people who’ve expressed a relevant pain, and you’re able to target potential prospects and send appropriate content to them. 

Another social selling solution Twitter offers is its new lead generation cards. These lead-gen cards essentially amount to 140-character landing pages. People who visit the pages are able to download e-books, whitepapers or other content without leaving Twitter or having to sign into another site. As a seller, what’s great is that the downloader’s name, Twitter handle and email address is captured by your CRM system and placed in a prospect database.  

Hashtags are incredibly relevant on Twitter. Without good hashtags, the reach of your tweets is significantly reduced. Moreover, good hashtags allow you to narrow down who you’re targeting. Remember, searching for relevant hashtags returns a list of Twitter users who may have a problem you’re able to solve. 

Finally, don’t forget the power of photos. Photos and graphics immediately draw eyes on newsfeeds crowded with text. How often you use photos depends on the industry you’re in and what you’re selling. In a traditional B2B environment, there might not be much room for photos, but don’t shy away from using appropriate images where they’re relevant. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Don’t be afraid of Twitter. Yes, LinkedIn is the established, safe route to take when looking to generate sales leads with social media. But people turn to Twitter for solutions to their problems all the time. Don’t miss out on interacting with potential sales prospects because you’re not active on their social medial channel of choice. Start tweeting (consistently) today! 

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