Keeping Your Sales Team Away from Desperation

Original post from Jim Keenan:

What to do When a Prospect Goes Dark?
There’s nothing more frustrating to a sales person than when a client goes dark. Your last conversation was killer, you both agreed that your solution made sense. The prospect said needed to: share it with their team, run the numbers, look at another solution, run it past IT, work with H.R., make a recommendation or any other next step.

…the deal is moving along!

Fast forward two weeks…the prospect isn’t answering.

Now, you’ve lost control of the sales and are in desperation mode.

If a prospect goes dark, you have to get them back and the best way to get them back into the fold is to hold them accountable and challenge them.

You captured your prospect’s interest in the beginning most likely because you discovered their pain points and found the solution they’ve been looking for.¬†

Challenge that pain point. Keenan offers great advice on how to do that. In order to get your prospect back, you have to help them revisit the struggles they are dealing with daily. Reel them back and in and get to the bottom of their reasons for going dark.

Then, you can steer your sales conversation in the direction towards success.

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